Study & Employment Opportunities

Study Opportunities

Our research is reflected in a variety of educational opportunities.  You could study with us for a PhD, a taught Masters degree, a Masters degree by research, an Undergraduate degree, or alternatively through a range of e-learning modules.

BSc (Hons)

The University of South Wales offers a wide variety of undergraduate programmes in science.  These can be found on the University of South Wales website.


A Masters degree can be obtained through a Taught Masters or a Masters by research and details of these can be found on the University of South Wales website.  One example of an available MSc is the MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management.  This course has been developed by and is currently taught by members of SERC.


Many of our funded research projects allow people with the right qualifications to study for a Doctorate degree which normally takes three years.  As projects are funded, advertisements are placed in the appropriate media outlets and are advertised on this website accessed from the Home page.  Details of PhD requirements can be found on the University of South Wales website.

Previous PhDs undertaken at SERC have included:

  • “Economic removal of zinc from scrap steel"
  • “Recovery and use of ammonia from coke-making processes”
  • “Development of a slow-release fertiliser from digestate using alkali silicates"

Employment Opportunities

Details of positions available can be found at the vacancies section of the USW website -