Wastewater Treatment Research Unit

The Wastewater Treatment Research Unit focuses particularly on anaerobic digestion to produce methane from organic wastes, both solid and liquid, including on-line monitoring and control and has 30 years experience in this field and excellent facilities. The Research Unit is recognised nationally and internationally for its work and is one of the leading research groups in Europe. Over 100 scientific papers have been published and the team holds a number of patents in the area of biological process monitoring. Much of the work of SERC is in association with industry.

Download a pdf leaflet (64kb) describing some of the work.

The AD Centre has been established to provide two broad roles:

  1. To ensure that sufficient, appropriate and technically accurate information regarding anaerobic digestion is available to all stakeholders with an interest in the technology.
  2. To provide specific technical assistance to those who are considering anaerobic digestion as a waste treatment option, or are in the process of developing, constructing or operating an AD plant.

By undertaking these roles, the AD Centre will assist in the rapid deployment of anaerobic digestion across Wales and help to ensure that plants operating within Wales are technically robust and efficiently operated providing maximum benefits to operators and the Welsh society.