Professor Richard Dinsdale



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  • 01443 654219


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Thesis Title: The Thermophilic and Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Instant Coffee Waste Waters
  • Dept. of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Glamorgan 1998.
  • 2:i BSc Hons. Applied Biology (Biotechnology), Sunderland Polytechnic,  1989-1991.
  • BTEC HND Applied Biology (Biotechnology), Sunderland Polytechnic, 1986-1989.


Areas of Expertise / Modules taught

Professor Richard Dinsdale, is chair of Sustainable Environmental Systems in the Sustainable Environment Research Centre at the University of Glamorgan. I am a biologist by training and conduct research into integrating biological and physic-chemical processes to develop holistic solutions to reduce the impacts of human activities on the natural environment. My particular interest is in the production of energy products such as hydrogen, methane or electricity or materials such as volatile fatty acids and bioplastics using micro-organisms from wastes or low grade biomass. My other interests include environmental analysis, process monitoring and control, development and life cycle analysis of anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment.

I teach the following modules: PH1S14:Environmental Chemistry (Module leader), PH2S08:Analytical Chemistry, PH4S82 and PH4S05:Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes (Module leader)


After working as a microbiologist in a pharmaceutical company and completing my first degree I started my academic career in the area of environmental biotechnology in 1991. I have over 50 peer reviewed international journal publications with over 1400 non-self citations and an H-factor of 23. I have received funding to support my research from the Dti, European Commission, ERDF as well as the UK research councils. My research is currently funded through the EPSRC SUPERGEN Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium (, the EPSRC SUPERGEN Biofuel Cell Consortium ( and ERDF LCRI H2Wales Project ( I currently supervise 8 PhD students with 7 successful PhD completions.



  • Member of International Water Association (MIWA)
  • Member of International Association for Hydrogen Energy