The aim of the TSEC-BIOSYS consortium, coordinated by Imperial College London’s Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, part of the College’s new Centre for Environmental Policy, is to develop a framework for whole systems analysis and research on bioenergy that will lead to credible scenarios and a roadmap for the development of the UK’s bioenergy sector. The research will:

  • analyse the potential bioenergy demand and supply in the UK in the stationary and transport energy sectors;
  • assess the implications and sustainability of large-scale bioenergy use and its potential contribution to UK energy and environmental objectives; and
  • identify bottlenecks and suggest measures relevant to technology and policy innovation, stakeholder involvement and bioenergy development.

TSEC-BIOSYS brings together natural and social scientists, engineers and economists from leading UK research organisations, with demonstrated expertise in bioenergy or key complementary skills. The project will also build on research findings from EPSRC Supergen Bioenergy and Distributed Generation, EPSRC SUE Waste, ESRC RELU, DEFRA bioenergy crop networks, Carbon Vision activities, as well as relevant information from EU and international bioenergy activities. TSEC-BIOSYS will provide authoritative and independent answers on technical, economic, environmental and social issues related to the development of bioenergy in the UK. The 13 Consortium members are: Imperial College London (Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT), Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE), University of Surrey (Centre for Environmental Strategy) (UniS), University of Southampton (School of Biological Sciences) (UoSo), University College London (Bartlett School of Planning) (UCL), University of Glamorgan (Sustainable Environment Research Centre) (UoG), University of Birmingham (School of Engineering) (UoB), University of Aberdeen (School of Biological Sciences) (UoA), Rothamsted Research (RR), Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), University of Warwick (Process Technology Group) (UoW), Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), Scottish Agricultural College (SAC).

Consortium Associated organisations: University of Edinburgh (School of Geosciences) (UoE), Forest Research (FR), Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM). For more information on the TSEC research programme click HERE.

A Poster desrcibing some of the work is downloadable here.